ExitToys Fótboltamark Scala aluminum 300*200cm *SÉRPÖNTUN*

109.900 kr
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EXIT Scala aluminum football goal 300x200cm

The EXIT Scala aluminum football goal is a very strong but at the same time lightweight football goal that you can also easily move. This football goal, measuring 300 x 200 cm, has a nice size for the garden. For example, put two against each other and challenge your friends to an exciting match!

The front of the frame of the EXIT Scala football goals is anodized, which means that the frame has an extra protective top layer for a long life and a beautiful appearance. The back of the frame is powder coated for a perfect finish of the football goal. The sturdy net of the EXIT Scala is black and easy to install with black plastic hooks mounted in the profile.

So train your ball technique and become the best football player on the field with the EXIT Scala aluminum football goals!