Bambus diskur m/ silikon Bíll - Appelsínugulur

4.990 kr
Virðisaukaskattur innifalinn

ATH skeið og glas selt sér. 

 Your child will speed through their mealtimes with our exciting car shaped plate with sections. Our brilliant super suction base will mean no high speed crashes to the floor below them too. Treat your mini car lovers with this plate to make mealtimes less stressful and more fun. 

The high walls on this section plate enables your children to easily manoeuvre their food from hand to mouth or fork to mouth. The suction base means that the plate does not move around their high chair or table too. This will give your child the confidence to eat more independently.


  • Made with 100% natural bamboo which is organic, recyclable, biodegradable and grown and harvested without the use of pesticides. 
  • All our products are toxin free. This means they are not mixed with plastics, melamine, BPA, BPC, Lead and phthalates – we wouldn’t want our children to ingest those nasty chemicals so we wouldn’t let yours either.
  • The super suction detachable silicone ring on the plate comes in a choice of five eco rascals™ colours and works on an airtight mechanism to ensure that it grips firmly to the highchair or table.
  • It’s easy to clean in warm soapy water and remains cool to touch even with hot food served inside.
  • Suitable for toddlers and beyond. The suction base can be removed for older children too. 
  • There are two large sections. Section plates are brilliant for introducing new foods and for allowing children to improve their fine motor skills with dipping and picking different food shapes and textures.

Detachable silicone suction bases are made from FDA approved 100% silicone, free of plastic, BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates.

Before first use, remove the silicone ring and wash both parts separately in warm soapy water and dry on a drying rack. This is how to clean the plate after each use too. 

When not in use, keep the silicone ring off the plate so that moisture between the bamboo and silicone doesn’t build up. 

Bamboo is a natural product and doesn’t like to get too hot or too cold so please don’t put it in microwaves, ovens, sterilisers, dishwasher or freezers – It might appear to be coping fine but it’ll last longer if you don’t.

Children should be supervised during all mealtimes.


Spoons sold separately.

We care about you, your children and our planet. All eco rascals™  bamboo tableware packaging is made with recycled card.

Dimensions – 21.9 x 18.9 x 3.3cm 

Suction Diameter – 15cm