Exittoys Fótboltamark GIO 300*100

29.900 kr
Virðisaukaskattur innifalinn

Flott fótboltamörk frá Exittoys sem ætluð eru fyrir íþróttafélög.

Mörkin raðast saman og taka lítið pláss í geymslu.

The EXIT Gio football goal 3x1m is a high-grade, quality-finished goal with a professional, modern and cool look. It is the ideal football goal for every football club, especially designed for the new mini-junior football season of 2017 / 2018. In the new set-up of junior football, there are smaller teams with lots of ball contact, rapidly improving the ball skills and playing techniques of young players. Junior football is played on smaller fields with goals of 300 x 100 cm, just like the EXIT Gio.

The EXIT Gio is made with two transport wheels, making it very easy to move from place to place, even for children. No need for lifting. During a game, the wheels are folded, allowing a safe and sturdy positioning of the football goal on the field.

The metal frame (ø45 x 1.5mm) of EXIT Gio is galvanized and powder-coated. This provides double-protection against rust and gives the football goal a high-quality look.

The net of the EXIT Gio goal is extremely strong, tough and has been tested extensively; it can withstand the force of the toughest kicks. Moreover, the fine-meshed texture ensures that the players cannot climb, stand or hang on the net. Not only safe, but also beneficial for a long lifespan of the net.

Finally, the equipment staff of the football club will be pleased: the EXIT Gio football goals can be cleared away swiftly and easily because, just like shopping carts, they can fit into each other. This saves 75% on space compared to the traditional welded football goals! An additional plus of this nestability feature is that the goals can be easily attached to one another using a chain lock. This prevents theft and improper use.

The EXIT Gio football goal complies with the EN 16579:2016 Standard – Playing Field Equipment – Portable and Fixed Goals – Functional, Safety Requirements and Test Methods.