Exit Toys stigi með palli f/ 95-110cm hæð

24.900 kr
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EXIT trampoline platform with ladder for frame height of 95-110cm

The EXIT trampoline platform with trampoline ladder for a frame height between 95 and 110 centimeters is an excellent accessory for climbing onto a trampoline with legs safely. The platform attaches to the trampoline and the ladder can be hung on the platform, which creates easy access onto the trampoline.

Both the platform and the ladder have wide steps with an anti slip texture which children can stand on securely before climbing through the safety net. For extra safety and stability the platform is equipped with bars on the sides. This combination of platform and ladder is suitable for EXIT trampolines with a size of 305 x 519 centimeters or greater.

Standard included

  • Trampoline platform
  • Trampoline ladder (frame height 95-110cm)